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Submission Guidelines for This Way Up

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What we want -- fiction
What we want -- non-fiction
What we don't want

Response time
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This Way Up is an online magazine of speculative fiction. By speculative fiction we mean science fiction, fantasy and horror, but to begin with we'll be giving preference to science fiction. This Way Up will be published approximately every four months. Each issue will contain about six short stories and one or two non-fiction articles, with perhaps a review, readers' letters (when we get any!) and an editorial.

What we want -- fiction:

We're looking for strong stories (maximum 6,000 words) of engaging characters in unusual situations. The genre has often been described as escapist, and that's what we're after -- new worlds, new things, new people. We want our readers to be enthralled by the possibilities that our stories offer. We'd like our readers to be puzzled, surprised, uplifted. But we don't want them to be confused to the extent that at the end of the story they say, "So what?" or worse, "Huh?"

You may be saying to yourself, "That's not much help." So be it. TWU is a new magazine and will evolve as it grows. These guidelines will change as well (check the website for the latest guidelines, at

Send your best stories, and we'll see if they fit.

What we want -- non-fiction:

We'd like to receive ideas for non-fiction articles -- anything concerning the field of written speculative fiction -- up to 2000 words. Please send a query giving details of your proposal, together with clips (or URLs) and a short (four line) bio.

What we don't want:

No poetry.

No reprints (your submission to us should not have been previously published, either in print or online -- that includes your own web page).

No simultaneous submissions (your submission to us should not be under consideration by another publication, either print or online).

No multiple submissions (send us only one story at a time, and wait for our response before sending another).

No artwork at this time, but this may change. Any updates to these non-requirements will appear on the TWU web site (

Something else we don't want is adult content. As a general principle we're against censorship where adults are concerned, but This Way Up will be accessible on the net from anywhere, by anyone, and that includes children. So, no explicit sex or gratuitous violence in submissions, and no foul language (that includes the f-word).


This Way Up purchases First World-Wide English Language Electronic Rights, for a maximum period of ten months (approx. four months in the current issue, followed by approx. four months in the TWU archive), after which the submission will be taken off-line, and rights will revert to the author. Payment is £3.00 per 1000 words (minimum payment £3.00) for both fiction and non-fiction. Payment is by sterling cheque, payable on publication. By arrangement with authors outside the UK, payment may be in the form of British postage stamps.

Response time:

We try to comment on all submissions within four weeks of receipt, although postal responses can take longer. We use an online Submission Log so that potential contributors can check the status of their manuscripts without emailing a specific enquiry. (Please note that ye editor will be away until late September 2002, so responses will be sluggish, and the Submission Log will not be updated.)


Fiction 1000 to 6000 words.

Non-fiction to 2000 words; query first.

No reprints, no multiple submissions and no simultaneous submissions.

No adult content.

Paper submissions should be in standard manuscript format (typed, one side of the paper, double line spacing, generous margins, name and address and word-count on first page, subsequent pages numbered and with name and title header on each page).

All submissions must be accompanied by means-of-contact (self-addressed stamped envelope for manuscript or for reply only, or an email address). Overseas submissions should be marked as disposable and come with a self-addressed envelope and two international reply coupons, or US$2.00 cash, or an email address. Any manuscripts without means-of-contact will be disposed of unread.

Send fiction submissions, and non-fiction queries, by post to:

This Way Up
Willowsoft Communications
PO Box 243
United Kingdom

We accept email submissions and queries.

Email submissions should preferably be in plain text or ASCII format, pasted into the body of an email message, with italics indicated using underscores (like _this_), and a blank line between paragraphs. Word-processor files, in a format readable by Microsoft Word 7, can be sent as attachments. We'd prefer attachments to be in Rich Text Format, as this can be read by most word-processors.

Receipt of email submissions will be acknowledged by email, but if the return email address is invalid the submission will remain unread. If you do not receive an acknowledgement of your email submission within two weeks, please email a brief reminder, giving the title of your manuscript, and a valid "Reply-To:" email address.

Send email submissions and queries to:

What next?

Send it in!

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